IBM Collaborate With Certihash to use new BSV Blockchain Tools to Improve Security

IBM today announced that it is collaborating with Certihash, a blockchain company, to provide better tools to combat cyber attacks.

Certihash Develops Blockchain-based Tool

The blockchain company unveiled a new tool that it plans to deploy in needed industries to reduce both the costs and time of cyber attacks. Following its recent collaboration with IBM, the tool, Sentinel Nodes, will be rapidly deployed to all vulnerable industrial networks and systems.

Speaking about the importance of the project,  one cyber security analyst said that data security breaches are occurring with greater intensity and frequently, and it requires time to detect and solve such breaches.

A report by ponemon acknowledged by IBM , said that it takes on average 287 days to handle a breach, which translates to 212 days to identify the issue and 75 days to contain damages. Certihash agreed  to work with IBM Consulting, given the latter’s experience in blockchain technology and decentralized applications for enterprise.

Both firms will use a proven network design framework to build a BSV blockchain-based, state-of-the-art cybersecurity infrastructure that leverages BSV’s advantages to drastically cut the above timeframes and expenses.

Technological product  of two years’, Sentinel Node is the first of five enterprise utility tools Certihash plans to launch. The tools are based on cybersecurity frameworks laid out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Why BSV Blockchain?

The nodes take advantage of BSV’s data processing architecture to keep track of all events and actions, with facilities for compliance reporting and the development of actionable cyber threat intelligence for investigation, forensics, and reaction included.

Co-creator Greg Ward also said that bad actors are always attempting to bury evidence of their conduct in order to avoid detection. Sentinel Node from Certihash will keep an eye on the system, recording all occurrences and alerting sysadmins to any unusual behavior.

Ward added that the information will be immutable and safeguarded through proof of work (PoW) data processing on BSV’s high-capacity and scalable blockchain.

BSV blockchain, the protocol behind Certihash Sentinel Node, enables a foundation for connected systems that can help to make better, real-time decisions, increase the efficiency of energy usage, and improve the overall quality of life by combining the critical information security of a proof of work consensus protocol with the sustainable scaling capabilities.

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