ClearSky Cybersecurity CEO Speaks Highly of Iran in the Cyber-space

On Monday, ClearSky Cybersecurity CEO, Boaz Dolev, announced that Iranian hackers are very close to controlling Israeli and US drones. He spoke at the Insitute for National Security Studies (INSS) conference, making emphasis on the crisis happening in the Islamic Republic.

He said that Tehran is expanding its cybersecurity limits as its making efforts to hack drones and advance to zero-day. He explained that Iran’s exploitation skills have usually been seen as limited although they proved it in Israel’s water sector hack in April 2020.

Apart from Iran improving its cybersecurity aggressiveness, Boaz explained that the Islamic republic is sharing cybersecurity tools with Hezbollah. This implies that Jerusalem would need to be ready to defend itself against cyberattacks.

It was also reported that Russia is exporting cyber weapons to Iran. Boaz explained that Moscow and Tehran could have agreed to share both physical and cyber weapons.

Iran Targets Different Countries

Boaz spoke about Iranian cyberattacks that hit countries such as Albania. He explained that the cyberattack damaged Albania’s networks in which meetings were conducted. Kurdish anti-Iranian MEK group held meetings in Albania to discuss solutions to the cyberattack and improve cyber defenses.

He added that Iran’s confidence and maturity have increased as they publicly claim responsibility for their cyberattacks.

Furthermore, he said that Iran has successfully been hacking its targets’ networks as every network item can be hacked. He mentioned that many Israeli defense networks and vehicles maybe have been hacked although it has not been publicly revealed. “Iran has not revealed its progress so it can continue to perform espionage,” he said. “Whereas Israel hasn’t disclosed the hacks to avoid public mockery and embarrassment.”

Boaz explained that there are 10 units between the Islamic Revolution Guard and the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence conducting cyber-espionage activities in various countries. He added that their main targets are the US, Israel, and internal Iranian dissidents.